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Measurement Scale

Field calculation of seeds and fertilizer in crop furrows

The important time of planters and seeders regulation at the beginning of the farming is key to define the productive potential of the tillage. In the farming operation of the soy tillage, about 70% of the production costs are reached in this process and farmers must pay special attention to this.

After selecting the best intakes, such as high vigor seeds and fertilizers recommended by the soil analysis, the big challenge is now the plantability aspect, that is, regulating the planter and performing the seeding. A poor seeding results in losses of up to 15 sacks of soy per hectare due to the planting speed, depth and non-uniformity in the deposition of seeds and fertilizers.


Use Instructions of DC-Dose Certa FertiSystem® Measurement Trowel

The use of the fertilizer dispenser FertiSystem® has as its main agronomic purpose providing precision, regularity, and uniformity in the distribution of fertilizes over the crop row. DC FertiSystem® Measurement Trowel will help to identify whether the fertilizer is at the proper depth, according to the agronomic guidance, and you can measure the deployment of the seeds concerning the depth and distance between them.  

Following planter regulation by recommendation and use of application Dose Certa FertiSystem®, the calculation procedure will take place through DC FertiSystem® Measurement Trowel based on the following instructions:  



Following filling it with fertilizers and seeds, move the planter in planting operation for at least 10 meters;



Mark out the center of the 10 meters (5 meters), delimit 1 more meter of length over the planted furrow, removing the soil under the formed furrow, using the larger end of the DC FertiSystem® Measurement Trowel (A), until you find the deployed seeds;


With this 1-meter long open furrow, measure the depth of the seeds using the smaller end (B) of the DC FertiSystem® Measurement Trowel, checking the seed measure up to the soil surface without the removed soil; through this procedure, you can also check the distance (“X”) between seeds and the number of seeds distributed over the furrow;


After measuring the seeds, remove the soil under them and find the fertilizer at the bottom of the furrow and, likewise, proceed with the measurement of the fertilizer depth;


If the measures are different from the recommended ones, perform the appropriate adjustments of the fertilizer and seed depth regulations in your planter and repeat the measurement operation.

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Use App Dose Certa FertiSystem® to calculate the right, precise dose of fertilizers and seeds applied on the tillage per planted hectare.

Measurement Scale