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FS Controller VRA PRO



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Compost spreading at variable rates

Thanks to the introduction of new precision Agriculture technologies, Agromac developed and validated in its experimental areas the application of fertilizers in a continuous way at variable rates, making it possible to spread compost at different quantities according to the needs of each spot of the farm, providing very important economic, social, and environmental benefits.

The environmental impact arising out of the excessive distribution of fertilizers causes many issues, as the nutrients are carried by the rain and then infiltrated in the soil, reaching the water table, rivers, and stream channels, as explained by Beras (2014).

This researcher highlights that economic losses are also noticeable due to the excessive application of intakes to spots where they are unnecessary, while the application is insufficient at other ones, making it necessary to apply fertilizers at variable rates.

The change provided by our application methods using electric motors to drive FertiSystem doses turns soil samplings with an average of the entire area into a specific analysis, evidencing the spatial feasibility of the entire tillage in the search for the best use of resources, intakes, and soil nutrients.


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Shutdown line per line 

The driving system by electric motors and FS Controller allow for automatically turning off planting lines at the specific time where the monitor detects an area where the planting has already been performed. Thus, it prevents crop row superposition, especially in end sections and border areas, providing significant seed savings, eliminating competition between plants and increasing productivity in such areas.

Seed savings through the application of variable rates by turning off line per line on average reach about 8.5%. Also, productivity increases by over 12.2 % where there is no overlapping of superposition of crop rows. Compensation of the number of linear seeds for the contour farming.


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Compensation of the number of linear seeds

for the contour farming


To keep the singulation and the individualized quantity of seeds, and the proper compensation of crop rows, where there are variations between linear farming and contour farming (which follow the terrain or crop leveling), FS Controller system promotes the automatic management and the compensation of the number of seeds distributed in an equidistant way through electric motors coupled to the seed dispensers. In addition to savings through the use of less seeds, they are also individualized in the contour farming, promoting a greater productivity due to the spatial distribution of seeds where each plant occupies the most efficient space to get sun light and to extract water and nutrients from the soil.