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Eletronic Table Dosage ETD


The ETD is an electronic device able to guide the operator to perform calibrations and adjustments of the gears to determine the exact amount of fertilizer to meet crop demands.
The use of the terminal eliminates variations in dosages that occur when using conventional planting table for machinery adjustment, in accordance with the physical and chemical characteristics of the fertilizer used by the producer.

Through the ETD it is also possible to:

-Manage fertilizers and seeds, enabling cost control and the efficiency of the culture;

-Partial and total control of hours worked by machinery and equipment;

-Check the minimum, medium and maximum speed of planting and fertilization operations;

-Obtain information on the effective crop area, partial and full planted area;

-Store information, cross and analyze data with a high degree of accuracy;

-Predicting the amount of fertilizer and seeds to be used, customizing the application of financial and /or agronomic resources for each area;

-Get the gear setting configuration that most closely matches the desired dosage to specific areas;

-Adjust the setting to the physical and chemical characteristics of fertilizers.

Benefits achieved
The use of ETD allows the elimination of inadvertent mistakes caused by misinterpretation of the printed table, that may result, in the case of low dosage, lack of nutrients for the plants to express their full yield potential. The excessive amounts increase production costs and may also cause loss of productivity.