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Support Tool APP Right Dose

APP Right Dose

Fertilizer and seed population setting at field with the Dose Certa® FertiSystem®

The utilization of the fertilizer distributor FertiSystem® has the mayor aim of getting the maximum crop yield by providing precision, regularity and uniformity in the fertilizer distribution along the planting row. The precise and uniform fertilization performed by the FertiSystem® fertilizer distributor help the plant to absorb nutrients in the right amount and at the right place (at the plant row).

Setting the planter at field for the right fertilizer dosage can be very complicated for farmers. Errors can be very common, once farmers usually take the information of tables commonly attached on planters. The problem is that those tables are based on the information (grain size and fluidity) of a different fertilizer than the one the farmer has in stock. As a result, many divergences are found with fertilizer underdosage or overdosage at the setting operation. That variation has a high impact in the economic issues related to agronomic recommendation (yield losses, wrong amount of fertilizer application, negative environment impact, etc.).

The main propose of the Dose Certa® App is to calculate the recommended dosage (at kg/ha), based on the real product the farmer wants to use. It is recommended to collect the product amounts (g) by moving the planter through 100 m. The farmer feed that information in the Dose Certa® App that will calculates precisely the dosage, avoiding the fertilizer lack or waste. The setting procedure at field, in the same relief and climate condition, planter model, besides the setting of all component of the planter involved in the process of transporting the fertilizer in the soil ensures a high reliable information.

Considering the variables germination potential and row spacing, the Dose Certa® App allows calculation and checking of the seed population per hectare as well as the number of seeds per meter of row.

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By the FertiSystem®  graduated stick, you can check the fertilizer and seed depth, as well as the distance between seeds in the crop row. 

APP Right Dose