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Precision Feeder FertiSystem ITS5000

FertiSystem ITS5000

The FertiSystem ITS 5000 is a fertilizer doser, with an Intelligent Tuning System, which reaches the market to meet the demands of applications that require LOWER DOSAGES of smart fertilizer (including: elemental sulfur, potassium chloride and micro phosphorus-based granules, sulfur, nitrogen and zinc), providing an agriculture focused on high productivity. The ITS 5000 promotes precise dosages of special fertilizers, obtaining as a result the increase in PRODUCTION with the reduction on the amount of the fertilizer applied, fully attending the fundamental concepts of FertiSystem technology of precision and uniformity, with the right dosage in the right place, combining a strong increase in fertilizer application autonomy.

Results achieved

The Research and Development area, through testing in the research fields trials in our Technological Center - NTF (functional and operational validation of the product), worked with applied technology concepts, showing effective and high impact results over the crops in the yield of commercial crops.

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The FertiSystem ITS 5000 permits:

  • Application of intelligent fertilizer at very low dosages from 15 to 80 kg /ha, with high precision and uniformity;
  • Adjusting and regulating the settings of dosages according to the physical and chemical characteristics of fertilizers;
  • Promoting good practices for the efficient use of fertilizers;
  • The adoption of located fertilization system, in coverage, and in the same planting operation through additional boxes for application;
  • High increase of productivity, profitability, elimination of additional operations and large range