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Eletric Motors DRV 4500 e 9000

DRV 4500 e 9000

With a permanent focus on strategic partnerships, research and the generation of new technologies, the company is facing the greatest advances in its insertion in agriculture 4.0, through electric drive in the transmission systems, with digital and automatic controls, making the fertilizer and seed dosage processes in planters, seeders and fertilizers using agricultural electric motors developed specifically for these purposes.

The drive system through the DRV 4500 and DRV 9000 agricultural electric motors brings together the most advanced European technologies for product development and embedded electronics already used in several countries around the world. It performs controlled, safe, clean and low environmental impact processes. The high efficiency is sought in the use of all the important resources, always trying to evolve to a systemic agriculture, integrated with economic results, soil and water preservation and maintenance of the productive potential of the crop.

The factors related to automation technologies in precision agriculture, specifically addressing the concepts of planting, with complete and efficient alternatives through the monitoring of the quality of the operations, traceability and compliance of the planting and in relation to the spatial variability according to the physical attributes, chemical and biological properties of soil, plants and productivity.


Technical description:

Generated within the highest technological concepts worldwide, the DRV 4500 and DRV 9000 electric electric motors have high robustness and efficiency in their designs, offering several advantages such as high reliability, reduced noise, long service life, tested and certified to operate in conditions of functionality and resistance in conditions of humidity, pressure and temperature, fulfilling all the necessary requirements, generating documentation and obtaining the certificate of conformity (CE) in the European Union.

Technical characteristics of DRV agricultural electric motors:

1- They can operate through remote control;
2- Applications in variable rates of seeds and fertilizers through specific maps;
3- Possibility to perform multiple drives;
4- Response time and instantaneous forward and rewind rotation in milliseconds;
5- Perform line-by-line disconnection avoiding planting with overlapping seeds and fertilizers;
6- It allows direct drive in Fertisystem fertilizer dispensers and all models of seed dispensers in the market;
7- Simple, clean and easy to install system.



- Reduction and optimization of resources without waste;
- Economy of inputs;
- precise information about the processes;
- Operator control and safety;
- Reduction of environmental impacts;
- Automation of workflows;
- Rationalization of the use and power of the tractor that impact on the consumption of fuel, oil and mechanical components.

DRV 4500 e 9000