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Precision Feeder FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG

FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG

The fertilization gap found in fertilizer distributor of gravity technology

The planters supplied with auger-type granular fertilizer distributors of gravity technology has the problem of fertilization gap due the propeller pitch effect. After a certain length of planter movement, the distributor stop dispensing fertilizer for some period, in a cyclically way. For example, setting the machinery for a fertilizer dosage of 200 kg/ha with the tractor at 2 km/h (which is really slow), this distributor by gravity will stop spreading fertilizer in each 4.20 m, restarting only after 0.73 m. In 100 m, that space represents 14.89 m without any fertilizer grain. In a soybean crop, that means approximately 208 soybean plants relaying pretty much only on the natural soil fertility. In other words, 15% of the area is not fertilized! Furthermore, that effect tends to get worst when adding variables as vibration, machinery velocity, etc.

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High efficiency in fertilizer distribution by FertiSystem technology

The mechanic principle of the FertiSystem provides uniformity on the fertilizer distribution throughout the crop row. A self-cleaning floating driver (auger) triggers and conduct the fertilizer to a damming chamber. Afterwards, by a level regulator, the grains overflow at evenly volumes to an outlet spout before reaching the soil. The distribution variation is eliminated through the propeller pitch effect neutralization, by the principle that the auger works always full filled with fertilizer. Because of that, the auger triggers always the same amount of fertilizer, no matter the propeller pitch or the topographic variations (reliefs, downhill and uphill).

The precise and even fertilizer distribution enhance the plant nutrition at the right amount and with no waste. Thus, the effective FertiSystem field performance provides the crop to full develop their grown and yield potential. The FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG can distribute fertilizers with different physics properties and size (grain or powder), allowing the farmer to choose the right formulation.

High yield guaranteed

It was carried out an experiment with corn crop at the CETEC FertiSystem (Technology Center FertiSystem). The harvest occurred 153 days after sowing, in 2015. There were 5 repetitions for each treatment.
The treatment with FertiSystem had a total area of 1.2 ha, with yield of 7.560 kg/ha, that is, 126 sc/ha.
The treatment with the distributor by gravity technology had a total area of 1.2 ha, with yield of 6.840, that is, 114 sc/ha.

Result: yield 9.6% higher using FertiSystem comparing to the distributor by gravity technology.

FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG