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08/05/2017Projeto Dose Certa

Projeto Dose Certa

Agromac Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Agrícolas Ltda has been developing and improving the FertiSystem precision fertilizer dispenser for years, which is fully committed to serving its customers with the highest attention, complying with supplier standards and manuals and obtaining high levels Of satisfaction. The FertiSystem begins its useful life at the exit door of the agricultural machinery assemblers, since it is after this moment that it will begin to show its function in the field, optimizing the planting and being a reference in the follow-up.

We have as a base concept in Agromac that the worm is the heart of the FertiSystem because it is responsible for boosting the correct volume of fertilizer in its fullness. Agromac has specialized professionals to meet the demands of its customers, both in terms of product warranty and technical assistance as well as training of manufacturers, retailers and educational institutions. It is these care that make the brand FertiSystem have high credibility, visibility and be a reference of products of excellent quality and performance, factor proven by our seal of quality ISO 9001. To achieve this standard of excellence, we work with seriousness and professionalism, We guarantee and invest in technology, research and assistance. We value our partners' standards of excellence, and our quality is backed up so that this excellence remains paramount, even in small details, avoiding rework for both parties and ensuring the satisfaction of the end consumer, as any negligence in the industrial process will lead to losses in the field. It is through these precautions that we become the leader in the precision metering system for fertilizers.

The Dose Certa Project has the involvement of some educational institutions in Brazil. In this project we approach the studies carried out and open space so that new institutions interested in studying and contributing to the tests and the technological evolutionary process of our product can contribute in a critical way. This space contributes to the formation of new researchers in the areas competent to the agricultural sciences. Our team is available to give lectures at institutions throughout the country, just schedule a visit of the Dose Certa Project team to your institution.

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