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15/03/20191ª seeder of Brazil with Autonomous System of Dosage is sold in Expodireto 2019

1ª seeder of Brazil with Autonomous System of Dosage is sold in Expodireto 2019

The Autonomous Seed and Fertilizer Dosing System, called SAD-FS is a cutting-edge technology within the pillars of the current technological revolution in the field, called agriculture 4.0 in planting. It can be inserted in planters and seeders of all models and sizes, with effective control of planting, serving small, medium and large Brazilian farmers.


The wheat crop of Brazil - 2018/2019 and fine grains will have the first seeder with autonomous electric drive of seeds and fertilizers, with variable rates, attending to all the possibilities of plant population with precise and uniform distribution in the sowing lines .

The SAD-FS System was developed over five years ago in partnership with the Italian company ROJ Mechatronics and several research, testing and field validation entities.

During the Expodireto Cotrijal fair, the Brazilian Cooperation Agreement for the special credit line for the SAD-FS system was signed for the first purchase of the KUHN SELECT 2219/21 sowing machine for fine grains with electric system, with confirmed delivery for The next week.

Sicredi will act as an official partner in Brazil to disseminate the system in all its branches, enable the acquisition of the latest technology system / equipment, through a special financing line, as a means of aggregating income, improving the quality of life , preserve the environment of its associates and society.

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