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04/02/2019FertiSystem Tech in fairs in Brazil and abroad in 2019

FertiSystem Tech in fairs in Brazil and abroad in 2019

FertiSystem's participation in the calendar of major fairs and in the future of automation in fertilizer and seed dosages at planting was started. In the stand will be presented technologies that put the company increasingly in the global market, focusing on technologies related to planting and precision farming in planting.


                The first event scheduled for the 2019 circuit is the Show Rural Coopavel that will take place in Cascavel (PR) from February 04 to 08, 2019. Visitors expected for this year's edition will be able to explore the whole concept of the future exposed by FertiSystem Tech , through its complete and innovative portfolio - which integrates agricultural electric motor systems, monitors, devices, digital solutions - and with the possibility of interactive experiences.

                Fertisystem Tech is the precursor of the evolution of the concepts of planting, through the automation of dosage of seeds and fertilizers, focusing on precision agriculture in planting through the SAD - FS (Autonomous Dosing System - FertiSystem) system, representing a new era to a new level of productivity.

                The efficient dosing of fertilizers and seeds in the planting of autonomous form, driven by electric motors, monitored by controllers, cameras, ECUS, cables and sensors, guided by GPS, is already a possible reality for the planting machines in Brazil and in the world.

                The novelty promises to revolutionize the configuration of the mechanical planters with the possibility of becoming electric with the Autonomous Dosing System (SAD-FS), allowing precise and efficient dosing of fertilizers and seeds through high-tech electric motors developed in Europe. Fertilizer and seed controls at any rate can be carried out directly from the booth, without the need for the regulation operation in the planter, with numerous possibilities of adjustments and enabled to perform variable rates, fully meeting the requirements of plantability, with safety, efficiency and high performance. SAD-FS is one of the main tools for high-impact agriculture that will gain more and more market in the coming years, a factor motivated by the automation capacity of much of the work in planters and seeders in the field, a viable path for the development of sustainable agriculture.

                In Brazil, SAD technology was launched to the public in 2016, for the first time, at Expodireto Cotrijal in No-me-Toque / RS, demonstrating the possibility of a future in planting with autonomous fertilizer and seed dosage. The project, launched in 2016, gave Fertisystem, together with the Italian company ROJ Mechatronics, the pioneering role in the Brazilian market, an effective partnership that is currently working on the development of the 2nd generation of specific engines for agriculture. This partnership completes the technological investment strategy of both companies with the expansion of the portfolio of technological products for Brazil and for the global market.

How does the SAD - FS system work?

                The SAD-FS operates without the need for direct human intervention, through electric drive motors monitored by controllers, cameras, ECU, cables and sensors, guided by GPS. It is a technology that makes systems simple and easy to operate, has high technology and has been extensively tested and validated in field operations. The system is able to monitor and electronically drive several planting lines individually or by section simultaneously, and can use fixed or variable rates, with full autonomy and efficiency independent of the rotation of the planters' wheels.

                The whole system is supplied by the electric power of agricultural tractors, which makes its operation even more sustainable, does not demand consumption and does not promote additional fuel costs for its operation. According to the number of motors used in the system according to the number of lines of the planters can be added an Energy Unit.

                Farmers will realize the efficiency of technology to optimize results. To build more assertive recommendations, we have a team of experts who can explain how to make the most of these technologies to understand the current productive demands in the field.


 About FertiSystem Tech

                FertiSystem is a Brazilian leader in the development, research and production of fertilizer dosers coupled to planters and seeders and its pillars are in the concept of the FertiSystem® Auto-Lub AP NG System - Precision Fertilizer Doser. It was the first of its kind in the world market, with a transshipment system, (precision) and deposition in the right place (uniformity), guaranteeing proven gains in crop yield and profitability to the producer. It currently serves approximately 95% of the Brazilian agricultural machinery and implements manufacturers, also operating in numerous companies abroad since 2008.

                In order to adapt to the changes that our society demands in terms of productivity and sustainability, the company works on essential issues such as the rational use of seeds and fertilizers, climate issues and variabilities, natural resources and well-being - in which they become increasingly intertwined issues, requiring a systemic way of thinking and acting and the impacts caused.

                In view of this, the company developed a new structure of technological solutions: FertiSystem Tech. After 4 years of research, field and engineering evaluation, the structure began to be implemented in January 2018, with a specific work center focused on technological solutions in intelligent systems, intensively evaluating the functionalities of the products in the field and agronomic results through of the Fertisystem Technological Center (NTF). FertiSystem Tech has an administrative and management structure, focused on new opportunities and generations of solutions for digital and precision agriculture, through the automation of seed and fertilizer dosing processes, generation of planting data and fertilization of soils and practices of soil and water preservation and conservation for sustainable agriculture, allied to the most advanced technologies present in Brazil and in the world.

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