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31/01/2019Fertisystem® Group joins the select group of technology companies at the demanding and judicious European Patent Office

Fertisystem® Group joins the select group of technology companies at the demanding and judicious European Patent Office

Developing technology to fully meet the demands and requirements of delivering very low and meticulous dosages with precision and uniformity was the main purpose of the FertiSystem® Group. Develop, approve and join numerous technical requirements of fertilizer dosing and deposition, according to the demands prescribed by the high-tech industries of the special fertilizers, known as intelligent fertilizers, in numerous countries.
Thus, partnerships and strategic alliances were started in 2014 for the development of equipment for dosages of 15-80 kg / ha, from the company's laboratories, through field trials and constant evaluations of the dosing system and records agronomic for economic comparisons and field productivity.
We also considered factors related to sustainability and soil effects (microbiological), seeds and plants, generating reports and proving effective benefits with considerable increase of productivity, compatible with the recommended dosages. There was a suppression of logistics operations, such as a reduction in the number of stops for refueling and an increase in the autonomy of planting, as well as new configurations of soil sorting elements in planters, with the realization of invisible no-tillage with minimum soil rotation, among others. The intensive work was carried out by the Engineering and R & D sectors of the company, being tested in numerous experiments since 2014 in the soybean, corn and wheat crops, based on the NTF (Fertisystem® Technological Nucleus) areas in Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
FertiSystem® Group started the search for technological protection in several countries in 2014, taking into account the wide scope and worldwide performance of the partner companies that own the fertilizer technologies. "To our satisfaction, we received from the European Patent Office the patent approval of the system in record time, due to the high technological relevance in relation to low dosage and also the important consideration of the sustainable concept, in association with the so-called green economy, which places the company, for its excellence in dealing with the issue of sustainability and soil and water conservation, in accordance with the characteristics of the products and their concepts, with clear objectives for low carbon emissions, resource efficiency and sustainable and technological impacts on world agriculture. In this way, the FertiSystem® system was once again consolidated in the world market with the new FertiSystem® Fertilizer Meter ITS 5000 - Intelligent dosing of fertilizers for high-yield planting ", reports Evandro Martins Group CEO.

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