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03/09/2018FertiSystem By Agromac é certificada pela ISO 9001 - 2015

FertiSystem By Agromac é certificada pela ISO 9001 - 2015

            FertiSystem By Agromac was certified with the update of ISO 9001-2015, on August 30, 2018, a modernized standard that meets the new quality trends and extends the importance of this management system to the company's results.

             Since 2009, the company has been certified, which guarantees the quality of the processes of management and production in the two units that integrate the company being maintained and constantly updated. The company BSI, responsible for auditing the company, verified the administration processes in all the sectors. In the process, the sectors audited were Quality Management System (QMS), commercial, acquisition, receipt, dispatch, Production Planning and Control (PCP), R&D, HR and IT.

             The evaluations that stand out in ISO 9001, version 2015, are: risk assessment, results generation, stackholder feedback, alignment with other ISO standards, and flexibilization of documentation. The certification period, from the date of publication of the final version of the standard in 2015, ends in September 2018.

             ISO 9001

             ISO 9001 is an international standard, which presents requirements for Quality Management processes, whose objective is to organize internal processes, combining the optimization of activities and expenses with the total satisfaction of its customers, employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners.

             About FertiSystem By Agromac

             FertiSystem By Agromac was born with the purpose of acting and promoting innovations in the integrated processes of plantability, generating technological products to meet expectations in a sustainable way. The roots that support and lead our company are in the FertiSystem System - precision doser for fertilizers. First of its kind in the world market, it provides effective uniformity and precision in the distribution of solid fertilizers, guaranteeing efficiency and high durability of its components and considerable increase of crop productivity. Present in the market since 2002, it is assembled on the production lines of more than 95% of the Brazilian agricultural machinery and implements manufacturers, being exported to several countries of the world.

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