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Prédio Fertisystem

By creating this new division of the company through our business model focused on digital technologies, we develop technological solutions through intelligent systems, connectivity, embedded software, electronic hardware, sensors, actuators, and especially the utilization of agricultural electric motors that became an effective part of the company in 2018. After more than 5 years of research and development, the new technologies, products and services were integrated into the FertiSystem Tech division.

FertiSystem Tech aims to meet specific demands of the machinery and agricultural machinery, fertilizer and seed industries, seeking to promote performance improvement, greater competitiveness, new business and the chain of value added from the introduction of new products, processes and digital technologies, in the same format adopted with the FertiSystem system.

Based on specific technological skills, with proven experience in the development of innovation projects, working in partnership is of great importance to be close to rural producers to guide, instruct, train, predict failures and make technologies express and potentiate sharing mechanisms for the search for positive results for all those involved.

Prédio Fertisystem

It is expected that partner companies, the scientific community and producers will be willing to participate through strong knowledge bases, as well as to seek ways of acting in the existing market. Thanks to its capacity for joint generation of technological solutions, leveraged by the sharing mechanism offered by FertiSystem Tech, we seek to generate innovation among implement manufacturers and planting machines to stimulate innovation with more technological intensity, enhancing the competitive strength of companies and, for the farmer to obtain sustainable yields and results.