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Prédio Fertisystem

Our business model focused on Digital Agriculture from 2018

The product of technological solutions in Intelligent Systems, through connectivity, embedded software. Man-machine interface, electronic hardware, sensors, actuators, devices and devices, from now on. company called FertiSystem Tech.

FertiSystem Tech has been demanding that the machinery and implements industries intend to buy the machinery and implements, fertilizers and seeds industries, seeking to promote performance improvement, greater competitiveness, new business and improvement of the value chain from the introduction of new products and digital processes in the same way as the products and concepts of the FertiSystem system.

Acting in complete disciplinary projects, which include a market analysis, preparation of studies of technique and economy, design, engineering, design, mechanical and economical, hardware, firmware and software, productive processes, instrumentation and control, tests and tests, quality, development of the supply chain, delivery to customers the product ready and certified to, jointly, be inserted in the market.

From a specific technological advance, with proven experience without the development of innovation projects, the development of a partnership will be of great importance for the future orientation groups to guide, instruct, train, predict failures and cause, in a way simple, how technologies can be used and sharing mechanisms for a search for positive results for all involved.

Prédio Fertisystem

The expectation is that the partner companies are willing to have their best solutions based on knowledge and market without market and for the capacity of generation of technological solutions, leveraged by the mechanism of credit-sharing by FertiSystem Tech to obtain information from the manufacturers of implements and planting machines, stimulating an innovation with more technological intensity to potentiate a competitive force of the companies and, mainly, for the farmer to obtain yields and sustainable results.