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Prédio Fertisystem

The Better Cabana of the Earth began with the acquisition of a registered mare for leisure activities and deals with Texel sheep raised on the estate in 2005. Due to the temperament and docility of the animal, it became a passion and a lifestyle. With the encouragement of relatives who kept horses nearby, it was put into breeding, generating animals very similar and identified with the creole breed, with a lot of rusticity, resistance and posture. The number of foals was increasing and we would need to direct the activity in search of the selection with the ideal skills to participate in tests with the ABCCC and, one day, to be able to dream with the Golden Brake.

With the inclusion of a hut from a renowned breeding farm in Passo Fundo, we began in 2012 the search for specimens of the breed with modern characteristics that would serve our purposes of "Morphology, Function and Temperament", acquiring them directly from the "field" in cabanhas Southern Brazil and Chile, to meet the genetic material skills that have stood out the most in the last five years in the Golden Brake.

In the years 2013 and 2014, with the arrival of the animals, it was necessary to invest in a structure to house and manage these animals, including native pastures and potreiros so that the animals have quality of life and freedom for its characteristics to be preserved.

In 2015 Cabanha Melhor da Terra will conclude the management structure and the improvement of the breeding, selecting competitive animals, with the support of the company Fertisystem Group, so that the race is even more valued and reach the maximum objective of being recognized by the work And the passion for the Creole horse.