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Prédio Fertisystem

Martins Agropecuária was born with an obsession: innovation based on knowledge. The possibility of having a unique way of thinking and making this an advantage based on intelligent positioning, making a company structured with professionals and technology, investing in computerization in the processes and the structuring of services, with the Internet based on information.

Originally from a small rural estate in the Bom Recreio district of Passo Fundo, when transportation was done through the wagon, agricultural activities were started with plows and animal traction implements in the 1960s, with Mr. Hildebrando Martins (In memoriam) and his son João Martins. With a vision focused on modernization, in the early 1970s, agricultural mechanization was implemented, with the acquisition of tractors and implements. In the 1980s, the system of minimum cultivation and no-till in straw was introduced. From this new system, the company actively participated in the projects and development of seeders for no-tillage and in the serial production thereof, in aspects related to development and production.

In the 90's began a complete restructuring of the property becoming a rural enterprise. In 1995, the company's activities were dismantled, with the opening of a consulting and advisory office for projects and development of agricultural implements, especially with no-tillage seeders, providing services to agricultural implements manufacturers in the area of ??product engineering through Industrial coding, projects, development, prototypes, field trials and also acting with organizational consulting in technical, administrative and industrial planning areas, also acting in the area of ??research and development of new products and in the commercialization of Agricultural parts.

Prédio Fertisystem

In the agricultural area, the property became highly diversified and technified, starting with the partnership with the Doux Frangosul group, on its arrival from France to Brazil in 1998, through the production of fertile eggs in specific aviaries, meeting the functional and Health security. An enterprise with the highest levels of technology, specialization, management and control of animal health of the poultry activity, with animals of high zootechnical value in production system. The introduction of the computerization system implemented in the aviaries is now evident, being developed by the technical group of Martins, providing the effective control of data and procedures involved in the activity. Among the activities developed in the agricultural area, we highlight the cutting sheep, with Texel animals, for the production of matrices and breeding (PO and SO), created in a rotational grazing system. Due to the property's soil receiving each cycle of production of fertile eggs, the bed for organic fertilization (360 tons / 11 months) favoring the production of high quality and volume fodder, which provided the activity of goat breeding with animals of the Anglonubian And Boer in semiconfining system. The maize, soybean, oat and forage crops are managed in an organic way without the use of agrochemicals, as well as citrus orchards with 2ha orchards, which are grazed by sheep.

The agricultural division from 2000 was adapted for the execution of prototypes of agricultural implements, providing field and bench tests and the development of products and components. The constant efforts, improvements and innovations were not in vain, the company received the award Talentos Empreendedores 2000 - Winner state - Segmento Rural, an initiative of SEBRAE - RS, Gerdau and RBS. In 2002 the TOP Talento Vip award.