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Prédio Fertisystem

FertiSystem Agro was born with an obsession: innovation based on knowledge. This base brought the possibility of having a unique way of thinking and making this an advantage based on intelligent positioning, making a company structured with professionals and technology, investing in computerization in the processes and the structuring of activities in an integrated way.

It was originated from a small rural property in the district of Bom Recreio, in Passo Fundo / RS, when transportation was done through the wagon, agricultural activities were started with plows and implements of animal traction in the 60s, with Mr. Hildebrando Martins (in memoriam) and his son João Martins. With a view towards modernization, in the early 1970s was implemented wheat cultivation and agricultural mechanization, with the acquisition of tractors, machines and agricultural implements. In the 1980s, corn and soybean began to be planted in a conventional way, and the system of minimum cultivation and no-till in 1985 was introduced. Nowadays, corn, soybean, wheat and oat crops are managed in a sustainable way and with a conservation model, using crop rotation, biological scarification in the autumnal vacancy, level planting with the presence of terraces in the "Windows system" model being recognized by the Rio Grande do Sul government as a conservationist farmer and water producer, ranking 1st in the region. It also has storage system in masonry silos, using a forced ventilation system through technologies to maintain the nutritional integrity of the grains.

From this new system and acquired knowledge, the company actively participated in the validation and field trials and projects together with the manufacturers of seeders for no-tillage in Passo Fundo, in the region and out of state. In the 90's began the complete restructuring of the property becoming a rural enterprise. In 1995, the company's activities were dismantled, with the inauguration of the consulting and advisory office in projects and development of agricultural implements, especially with no-tillage seeders, providing services to the agricultural implements manufacturers in the area of ??product engineering through industrial coding, projects, development, prototypes, field trials and also acting with organizational consulting in technical, administrative and industrial planning areas, also acting in the area of ??research and development of new products and in the commercialization of agricultural parts.

Prédio Fertisystem

In the agricultural area, the property became highly diversified and made use of high technology, from the partnership with the Doux Frangosul group, on its arrival from France to Brazil in 1998, through the production of fertile eggs in aviaries of matrices - UPO , meeting the functional and health safety requirements. An enterprise with the highest levels of technology, specialization, management and control of animal health of the poultry activity, with animals of high zootechnical value in production system. The introduction of digital systems implanted in modern pavilions / creators, machines and special electronic equipment with sensor technology, developed by the technical group of Martins, with the use of precision zootechnics, providing the effective control of data and procedures involved in activity.

In livestock activities, the company also works in the creation of Creole horses with Cabanha Melhor da Terra, with animals raised, evaluated in a training center, management hoses, stables, pastures, with a focus on genetic crosses to obtain morphologically correct animals, functional and of excellent temperament, with objective of dispute for the brake of gold, which defines and classifies the most important animals of a creation.

The agricultural division was adapted for use by Fertisystem from 2003 onwards, creating the NTF-Fertisystem Technological Center, focused on research and development of equipment, machinery and implements for functional evaluations and agronomic performance in addition to the production of prototypes, field and simulator tests, development of products, parts and components for the Fertisystem Group.


Our Quality Politics:

To offer services that meet the requirements of the clients in the production of fertile eggs, through a team of trained and satisfied employees, generating results that favor the viability of the business and continuously improving the quality management system.

Quality Objectives:

- Have satisfied customers;
- Developing employees, empowering them;
- Have satisfied employees;
- Obtain financial return and viability for business;
- Continuously improve the SGQ.