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Who we are

Prédio Fertisystem

FertiSystem By Agromac was created with the purpose of acting and promoting innovations in the integrated processes of plantability, generating technological products to meet client’s expectations in a sustainable way. The roots that support and lead our company are in FertiSystem - precision doser for fertilizers. First of its kind in the world market, it provides effective uniformity and precision in the distribution of solid fertilizers, guaranteeing efficiency and high durability of its components and considerable increase on crop productivity. Present in the market since 2002, it is assembled on the production lines of more than 95% of the Brazilian agricultural machinery and implements manufacturers, being exported to other several countries.

FertiSystem is a specialized technical group focused on research, innovation and applied technologies in planting and soil fertilization, seeking to promote and inspire actions and attitudes towards a sustainable agriculture with important impacts for the current and future generations.

The constant search for modern technologies is based on the ideal that to evolve it is necessary to assume open and collaborative innovation as an attitude incorporated into the culture of the organization.

Prédio Fertisystem

Our Mission

To provide an increase in world agricultural production, with sustainability, reliability, high technology, innovation and strategic alliances.

Our Vision

To be a world reference in technology, through the development and application of concepts for intelligent agriculture

Our Values


Policy of Quality

Agromac is committed to continuously seeking the improvement of its products and services, seeking to meet the expectations of its customers, through:
-Provides partnership with current suppliers;
-Development and constant development of employees;
-From the search for new technologies;
-Improvement of products already developed;
-Improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system.



A good partnership is always well remembered and, during these more than 14 years of existence, we have become a reference company in fertilizer dosing equipment solutions for small and medium sized companies to multinationals and companies from abroad.

To celebrate this new stage, where we propose to BE, LIVING and SHARING what we deliver in our sustainable solutions, we develop our new visual identity interconnecting to a special platform where the producer becomes the center and can use all the technologies to its To produce more and better in the available space, to have answers about what to plant, how to plant, where, at what time, with the best seeds and fertilizers and the best planting and fertilization equipment, using precision agriculture technologies and Digital agriculture.

From now on, we will be represented by a symbol that is common to us, something essential, unique and diverse in our essence: MR4D: METRICS OF RESULTS IN THE FOUR DIRECTIONS, interconnected with our DNA, gathering all the data organized according to the same pattern, Supported by scientific research (METRICS OF KNOWLEDGE).

Developing solutions with originality with energy that radiates in all directions, from the fertilizer, seeds, machinery and agricultural implements industries, is represented in the new brand by light green color. Business solidity, innovation and wisdom are represented in the shade of dark green.

We invite everyone to access our new website and visit us as a resident company of the Technological Park of the University of Passo Fundo. Learn more about this identity of people who dedicate their time to the development of other people, from a company dedicated to the improvement of the new management.



Our company has been recognized by several awards that portray the perception of our work by the community and, at the same time, motivate us to continue improving.

  • Premiação


    Industry Category Machinery. The Agromac received this honor in recognition of innovative strategies in order to serve as a stimulus to the gaucho agribusiness, contributing to its development, becoming a reference to the state's entrepreneurial society by force.

  • Premiação


    The award aims at distinguishing new products from industrial companies of the State of the Rio Grande do Sul that present notable technological advances, design, innovation and have viability of use and commercialization.

  • Premiação


    Highlight Category (Special Award) was the great achievement of teh company in a restricted group of winners of the major award of agricultural machinery and equipment of South America - technology investments.

  • Premiação


    This is an honor of IQ, Intitute of Studies and Quality Research - Campinas/SP, wich bestows companies that contribute significantly to the development of agribusiness chain.


The Merit for the creation of a new product and differentiated management are recognized with the ISO 9001 Certification achievement.

Agromac, after 7 years acting in a modern and responsible way, conquered, with pride, the Certification ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization), wich means that is products, goods and services, have a formal recognition made by accredited agency by the government, with headquarters in Geneva. The ISO organization aims at securing essential standards of international concern. Certified in June 2009, Agromac is committed to teh demanding national and international markets from the Project, Development, Production and Marketing of Fertilizer feeder FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG.

The advanced processes of management, production and technology guarantee the safe effectiveness of the products. With the absence of "Non Conformities" in the sectors assessed, the standard certified by ISO 9001:2008 was again reinforced with the maintenance and recertification since 2010.


Agromac has always been aware of its ambient responsibility, the concern with the production processes are integrant elements of the principles of the company, because part of the sustainability is based by the commitment of the company toward the society to wich it belongs.

The generation of our products consists of engineering recyclable injected plastics, generated with the minimum use of water in production processes. The correct destination of the residues in the operations and industrial processes also integrate our responsibility, since we know that this act contributes to the maintenance of woody areas, native bushes and water sources in the headquarters of the company, and also in the branch office.

Another highlight of responsibility is in the use our product that promotes a highly significant impact as for the rational use of fertilizers in agriculture, promoting correct, uniforms and without waste doses, a process that maintains the quality of the soil and of surface underground waters, allowing the balanced nutrition of plantes as needed and response curves defined by soil analysis.

Agromac, besides having a solid vision about its environmental responsibility, social-oriented projects has, because it understands that plays an important role in the development and in the everyday life of society to in which it belongs.

The outsourcing system of the production process is an important generator of local economic flow; the correct discarding of residues and the economy of the natural resources in this process of production are part of the sustainability; the incentive to the sports and valuation of the employees and incentive to professional qualification, all are means to contribute with the society in a way that these benefits are reflected in a constant of citizenship practice.