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Eletric Motors

Data Sheet Electrical Triggers for Agriculture DRV 9000.

Kit FS Controller TXF MB

Data Sheet Kit FS Controller TXF MB.

Electrical Triggers DRV 4500

Data Sheet Electrical Triggers for Agriculture DRV 4500

FS Controller TXF 100 - 150 - 200

Data Sheet FS Controller TXF 100 - 150 - 200

Antena GPS e Glonass

Data Sheet Antena GPS e Glonass


Data Sheet ECU Isobus

Data Sheet ECU 

Sensor Semente

Data Sheet Sensor Semente

SVA - Sensor de Velocidade

Data Sheet SVA - Sensor de Velocidade

Profitability – Performance – Functionality

We  highlighted  some  technical  and  of  performance  characteristics  of  the  Fertisystem  precision doser.

Recommendations of use of the 2005 auger model

Recommendation  in  light  of  the  changes  effected  in  2005  auger  model.

Linig/Sealing - FertiSystem 2006 Doser

Optimizer Functional of the lining /sealing  set.

FertiSystem Doser Installation Adjustment of the Transmission and Al Bracket

With the  objective of diminish possible variations  and to prevent  the  misalignment  of the transmission  axle(s)  of  the  seeders/planters,  through  the  installation  of  the  Fertisystem  doser  (in  the bottom of the fertilizer reservoirs/chassis), which, after to be mounted in  an incorrect (forced) way, they  can  damage  and/or  to  cause  excessive  wear  and  tear  of  the  Drive  Gear,  Main Body  and   commit the  functionality  of  the  system.

FertiSystem Doser Installation Bracket of the Transmission of the Planters

The  transmission  and  the  tractioning  of  the  Fertisystem  doser  should  be  exempt  of  loads provoked directly at the bracket of the dosers, which transfers all the effort, commiting the funtionality and the rigidity of the system, causing problems and provoking damages  to  the  doser  components.

Replacement of the Standart (St) by Fertisystem Auto-Lub AP NG

Modernize  and  improve  the  functionally  of  the  fertilizer  doser Fertisystem  Auto-Lub  AP NG.

Transversal Lid, High Flow Lid and Fertipó Lid

Inform the utilization of the Transversal Lid, High Flow  Lid  and  Fertipó  Lid. 

Alteration of Fixing Elements - Al Bracket / NG Main Body


Modification of Labels FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP

Inclusion  of  the nomenclature  Auto-Lub AP (Self-Lubricated/Precision  Agriculture).

Alteration - 30 mm Driven Gear

Alteration of the 30 mm DRIVEN GEAR  (Code  300301003),  assembled  on  the  INTERNAL  BEARING  HOUSING  SET,  which  will  be replaced  for  the  30  mm  CLOSED  DRIVEN  GEAR  (Code  300302022).

Flow Reduction System

New  FLOW REDUCTION SYSTEM  –  RF,  attachable  to  the  Fertisystem  Auto-Lub  AP  precision  doser  for  fertilizers.

FertiSystem Driver Auger

Recommendation and care with the Augers.

Modification of Labels FertiSystem Auto-Lub AP NG

Change the Labels of the FertiSystem doser attached on the assemblies and components, making the gradual insertion of the new logo, due to the restructuring of the visual identity adopted in 2015.

Constructive Alteration - Bushing

Made the constructive and design alteration of the BUSHING (Cod. 200201010), which makes the internal bearing of the FertiSystem® doser and the bearing support and transmission of the AXLE that moves the AUGER.

Constructive Alteration - Covered Axle

Alteration of materials  and design of the COVERED AXLE (Cod. 300304005).

Constructive Alteration - 30mm Closed Driver Gear

Alteration of materials and design of the 30 mm CLOSED DRIVEN GEAR (Cod. 300302022).